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Hey Golfers,

Wanted to give another update. We are working with the carpet manufacture on matching the existing greens. We know the Greens are the main focus on customers “fix list” and do not want to disappoint this year. As we work on updating the Greens we are still working around the clock on updating the rest of the grounds. Many of the existing Greens are being cleaned, along with bricks being repaired throughout the course and sidewalks power washed.

In addition we have ordered additional putters to accommodate more heights and age ranges. By the end of the this we will have enough putters to accommodate any group size attending our facility. Though this wasn’t at the top of the list, it was a quick and simple fix we could provide to everyone.

We know many are expecting results to be immediate Рas boy do we want them to as well. However, to do everything correctly it does take time, effort and capital. We want to reassure everyone we are working hard to bring this golf course back to life.