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Well it has been a little under a month since the last post and I apologize. Made some notes to keep everyone more update with more posts in the future. So here is the down low on what has been happening over here at The Trails Miniature Golf.

One major concern last year was the condition of the Greens. Well we are very proud to announce we have measured all of the greens and are in the process of working with the manufacture on getting them installed. We are so happy for this, as this was major issue for many golfers. Until then, we have been deep cleaning what we have to ensure you are at least golfing on clean greens. What amazed us was how dirty the greens actually were! YUCK!

Another small, but very important concern, were the bricks. Bricks are a very fun (not really lol) part of the courses. The winter just destroys the glue causing the bricks to come loose. Sometimes there are less than 50 bricks and sometimes there are about 100. In this years case it was the latter. We have been gluing like little worker bees. Not all have been glued yet because we have found it is easier to wash then glue. So be patient :)!

As you play the course, towards the back seemed to be a forgotten area. This past weekend and this week – we cleaned and are cleaning a ton of debris (wood and limbs). We chipped a lot of wood and we mean A LOT! It isn’t perfect yet, but we are getting there. So watch the back area as it starts to come together.

We did fix one concern! ALL OF THE LIGHTS WORK! We changed bulbs and replaced fixtures last week. This had a major affect on for all customers. We could all see the course as night perfectly!

This week you will see some of the following changes:

  • More greens will be power washed
  • Sidewalks will be power washed
  • More mulch will be delivered and placed throughout the grounds
  • General painting
  • Back area will continue to be “groomed”
  • and a few other minor things!


Last but not least we have expanded our hours – if you didn’t know! We are now open everyday so make sure you check out our Hours page!

Keep checking back as we continue to update and bring life back to The Trails Miniature Golf!