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Hello Golfers,

I would like to welcome you to The Trails Miniature Golf Course. My name is Corey and I am officially over The Trails Miniature Golf Course for this season. Over the past few years we have had not the best management over the facility – letting the greens go, over growth of the vegetation, sub-par lighting, and a slow decline in the golfing equipment. Towards the end of last year I stood down at here talking to many of you – the customer. I learned a lot of what you wanted (and I will list those later). I took many notes to make it my goal to get The Trails Miniature Golf back to its glory days.

For this season my goal was to open next weekend (4/24/15) to ensure that our course was up to par (pun intended) for your enjoyment. However, on Friday we had so many phone calls asking for us to open I decided we could do a Pre-Opening Weekend. I knew the courses wouldn’t be exactly where I wanted them, but this gave me a great opportunity again to talk to you – the customer.¬†We rushed Friday to get the greens cleaned from a horrible Winter, blow leaves and pick up the hundreds of limbs that had fallen. I didn’t reach my personal goal on the limbs, but the response this past weekend wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

Many of you met me as I would drop the power washer, leaf blower or pile of sticks to walk over and greet you. It was an honor to speak to so many wonderful people. You all reminded me why I spent time talking to you last year and why I spent over 40 hours down here (Friday-Sunday) putting in the hard work that is needed. The concerns were still the same, but the encouragement I got was so heart warming. You all want the same thing. A nice, clean golf course where you can bring the family. It’s that simple.

I am working hard to get the greens installed this season. I won’t be able to get them all installed at once (I want to make sure you can still golf L.O.L.) so they will be installed in segments. The landscaping is coming along and the greens we do have at the moment are being scrubbed.

I want to thank you all for coming and please watch this blog as you will see the changes as they take place. Remember, this is a work in progress and not everything will happen over night. Please be patient as I want to give you the best place to mini golf here in Kettering and the Dayton area.